Wednesday, May 23, 2007

True or False

Helping you with life’s little mysteries by providing you with a few little answers. …or little few answers, however you want to look at it.

True or False--If you eat 5 servings of vegetables for lunch, you can have 5 servings of chocolate 20 minutes later and your metabolism is none the wiser.

Pshhh. Totally true. I think. I’m banking on it, actually.

True or False- Sprint Customer Service Employees never die, they just go back to the diabolical factory in Hell where they came from to change out for a newer model.

True—but that new model only comes with a rebate if you’ve kept continuous service for 18mths. And oh yeah, you’ll have to sign a new 2-year contract with that.

True or False—LOReal is because you’re worth it.

False. LOReal is because you are going prematurely gray. Like Emmylou Harris, only not as subtle.

True or False--Crayola colors of the past are way better than the Crayola colors of the present.

TRICK QUESTION! While it is true that the crayons of my youth included such gems as Maize, Cornflower, Goldenrod, Raw Umber and Hot Magenta, TODAY they have “Cerulean” “Inchworm” and “Beaver”, it’s “Mauvelous”.
…Seriously, “raw umber”??? what IS that?

True or False--Barry Gibb is the Geico Cave Man.

Judge for yourself

Alrighty then, Glad I could clear things up for you.


Suzy said...

Oh, great. I can't wait until my son starts coloring with "Beaver." He may not get it, but his daddy won't be able to contain himself.

fin said...

The caveman is cuter.