Tuesday, July 17, 2007

ok, you can ask

well, hi there-- I didn't mean to be mysterious, I was actually just in Houston with a crappy laptop.

As you may have surmised,I am back in the puppy game. Just four this time. "just"--ha! I'm sorta in deep doo doo because, although I run a breed specific rescue group, these little meepers are *cough cough* not exactly in that breed. What can I say? I'm no elitist, dammit! I just happened to meet the mom and she was so sweet and cute and there they were with their little muzzle pouches. I really should not be allowed into the shelter during puppy season. They were dropped at our local shelter by the way. In the night-box. This is mom. I told ya: she's cute, huh? So yeah, we think the girls (they're all girls) were born on or right around the Fourth of July. We're trying to come up with good firecracker names for them. Cherry Bomb? Black Cat? Leave your suggestions in the comments.


Anonymous said...

Sparkle as in Sparkler and Punk or Punkie as in what you use to light the fireworks...uuuhhmmm, let's see...Independance, Americus:) Hope these help:) CES

Suzy said...

Sparkler! Rockette! Dazzler!

Mel Francis said...

Red, Blanca, and Blue


Snap, Crackle and Pop