Wednesday, August 22, 2007


hey, so I'm mostly back and I'm an old married lady. Ok ok, so "lady" might be pushing it. I have a million pictures and stories to share with you, but I'm not BACK back yet. I'm in Texas, but after being home a mere 5 hours I had to fly to South Padre this morning for a meeting and don't return til tomorrow. Going from Vermont to South Texas in 24 hours seems really cruel. Anyway, here's a picture of us about 2 minutes after the ceremony. We look happy because we managed to make it past the "I Do" part without Henry the Cat attacking us. That's Flo there with the pillow. She was the ringbearer. Did you expect any different?

more laters!


I sent the picture below to some friends (some of whom actually read Stinkydog now and then) and a friend called me immediately and asked me why I didn't use this as the "Hitched" photo. uh, DUH: no Flo!


Steph said...

Congratulations! Being married is fun!

Suzy said...

Yeay, Lee and Sam!!...and Flo!!! You look gorgeous.