Thursday, August 23, 2007


gah, I'm stuck in the Harlingen airport. I've been here for 3 hours already. If someone doesn't get me on a plane to Austin, I'm going to have something I don't know. But I'll think of something. (you see how the heat has affected my brain?). Anyway, while I have time, I figured I'd go ahead and post some wedding pictures/stories. I tend to ramble sometimes (who me?), so if you're all wedding-ed out, go ahead and skip as needed. But most of this has to do with the beforehand stuff.

I think I can go ahead and skip Wednesday through Friday of the week. Those weren't good days so much. The weather was freezing and cloudy. Some dear friends dropped out--at one point we jokingly referred to being a part of wedding party as "the Kiss of Death" because FOUR people who were supposed to come and play a part were either injured or really unable to get to the farm. If you're one of those people and you're reading this, please know that I wasn't mad and I really did understand. But the odds of having a successful gathering were not looking good at that point, just based on the numbers. Plus, I wasn't very good at reassuring folks because as noted earlier, Man, did I feel like crap. I'm glad to report that in other parts of the farm, other folks were having fun.

Sam and friends were busy cooking 100lbs of pork. That's not a typo. One. Hundred. Pounds. Anyone who knows Sam in real life is not surprised by this in the least. Nor should they be surprised that we had a case of wine per every 8 people either. And three kegs. In Sam's mind, those things were all we really needed for a successful wedding. Pork, wine and beer. Check, check and check.

I should explain that our wedding was really a very Do It Yourself Affair. When you have an event in the middle of nowhere, your vendor options become very limited. Sam is picky about food prep to begin with, so it was pretty much a no-brainer for us to do it all. Our friend Hillary is a pastry chef. She's the one who made the lovely Austin Party cake, only at the farm, she didn't have an industrial kitchen to operate in. Did this stop her? noooooooooo. Hillary just dug in.

I wish I could tell you what it tasted like, but that cake disappeared in about 3.5 seconds after we cut it. The only piece I had was the tiny portion Sam "fed" me. From what I hear though, it was yummy. And full of berries. look at the pretty berries!

So again with the vendors--I won't say that no florists exist within a reasonable distance of the farm, but certainly no one with a good website. Rather than going into that one blind, we just opted to go to a plant wholesaler and do the flowers ourselves. Or more accurately, I made my sister do it. heh. She did an awesome job. I'm over there to the right handing her clippers and baby's breath when requested. I was not as helpful.

Next up: stories of the animal kingdom.

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