Thursday, August 02, 2007

Resting Up

agh, I feel like holy hell this morning. Like I'b hungover, but I didn't have anything to drink. So, totally unfair. Shouldn't I have enjoyed at least two bottles of wine to feel this crappy? I can't figure out whether it's germs, or housecleaning or what, but something is kicking my ass. So, I'b staying hobe until I can at least breathe out of my left nostril again. I've also had about a million glasses of juice trying to kill this thing with vitamin c. (don't suggest the Emergen-C. we've already covered that issue)

This seems to always happens to me right before a big weekend. I have my friends and sister coming into town tomorrow for my (dun dun dun) Bachelorette Party. I'm looking forward to it, since I already know there won't be any pimply-butted male strippers and if there is anything inappropriately penis-shaped at all, I have a free pass to walk out. Having been a bridesmaid 8 times (a feat only surpassed by C-Love who has me beat by 2-3 weddings?) I know how these things work. My only job is to wear a cocktail dress, hold my liquor and try not to get kicked out of the bar (cough cough Meredith cough). I can do that, right? The world collectively winces and shrugs--ehh, maybe?

So, it's back off to bed. I'm resting up my liver today.


Anonymous said...

You're wedding makes 11 for me...and you should add to your list that you don't want to mistake the front door to the hotel and the BATHROOM door and walk out of your room at 3am and your friends are too drunk to wake up and let you back in and you have to go down to the lobby in just your t-shirt and panties on...hey, is'nt that a song:)

Suzy said...

Awwww, poor thing! Rest up real good. I promise there will be no inappropriately penis-shaped anything, unless some rogue guest does something unexpected.

Stinkydog said...

C--if that's not a song, it should be.

I promise I will try to wake up from whatever stupor I'm in to let you in the door this time.

I trust Suzy to police the distribution of any penis-straws. Ix-nay on those.

Anonymous said...

either way...this time, I'm sleeping in Jeans and a