Tuesday, September 18, 2007

This is how it happens

Pursuant to last weekend's conversation about Sam and his non-sequitur conversations, I'd like to present the following exchange from last night:

Sam: "This evening I helped some octagenarian BBQ masters move all their stuff so they gave me some homemade jambalaya. I wrapped it in some tin foil for you so you can have it for lunch tomorrow."

Now, due to slow reaction time based on the fact that I was completely asleep when he told me this, the response in my head was a little different than the response that came out of my mouth. The response in my head went a little like this:

response #1: (with one eye popped open). It is 2:53 in the #*@^ morning.

response #2: Octagenarian what??

response #3: bummer, I don't like jambalaya.

The response that came out of my mouth was


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