Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Currying Your Flavor

I knew someone would ask comment on why I would have curry in my house when I don't actually like curry. The answer is: you assume that I actually have any say in the cooking that goes on in my house. I don't. I probably haven't cooked an actual meal in several years. I heat up. I put things in between two slices of bread. I don't actually cook. But Sam does and according to him, there's only two foods that you're allowed to dislike. Those would be eggplant and sheep's eyeballs.

I, on the other hand, can think of a bevy of unlikeable foods. I'm not a picky eater really, no more than anyone else. I'm a heckuva lot better about trying new things than I used to be, but there are some foods I just can't get into. So, for your reading pleasure, I have made an alphabetical list of these below. It's not an absolute list--I was mostly just going off the top of my head and some of the foods listed may sneak their way into my diet from time to time depending on whatever health kick I might be on or whether there is free-flowing alcohol involved and/or the grocery store is closed.

Feel free to print this out and stick it on your fridge on the off chance I come to your house for dinner--either to accommodate my picky palate or to torture my tongue. You know, whichever.

A--au gratin potatoes
B--beets, babycorn, buttermilk
C--couscous, clams, candy corn
D--daiquiris, dumplings
F--funnel cake, flan**
G--goulash, green peas
H--horseradish, hamburger helper
I--instant coffee, grocery-store cake icing
J--jicama, jerk chicken**, jello
K--kimchi, kidney beans
L--ladyfingers, leeks, liver, licorice
M--meringue, meatloaf, mexicorn
N--nopalitos, nougat
O--oatmeal (see Porridge), ouzo, okra
P--pickled herring, porridge, peanut brittle
R--risotto, rutabaga, rice krispie treats
S--stew (any kind you can think of)
U-- I cannot think of any foods that start with U. Other than udon, but I kinda like udon.
V--vichyssoise (see Stew)
W--wasabi, wax beans
X-- yeah, no x-foods either.

** I could actually kindof go either way on the flan and the jerk chicken. I know if it's prepared really well, it can be yum. 9 times out of 10, though, I'm going to think it's gross.


Mel Francis said...

Hi. I'm "someone" nice to meet you.

So, does Sam cook with curry even though you don't eat it?

And you are a little picky. I mean, who doesn't like FUNNEL CAKE!

Stinkydog said...

Ha--yes, Sam cooks with a lot of things I don't like. I don't have to EAT the food he cooks. Someone else will, inevitably. Though generally he doesn't go out of his way to cook stuff I hate.

And yeah, funnel cakes. I just can't get behind the greasy pastry.

Robyn said...

Edamame? even dry roasted and salted? you should try them, I just ate a few as a snack. otherwise I'm with you on most of the rest. Funnel Cake makes me a little nauseous. It's not the same sweet I like. Oh, and I'm all there with the stew!!!

Stinkydog said...

I've only had the edamame raw and that kinda sucks.

See Mel? My sister hates funnel cake too. it's in our genes.