Monday, November 26, 2007

I'm sure someone will appreciate these

My friend Shannon sent me these, perhaps because she knows that during the winter months, Sam will drink about a gallon of Emergen-C a day. However, not noted in these recipes: how to make them not taste like Monkey Bottom.

Brazilian Break
4 oz. Vanilla vodka
2 oz. sparkling water
2 Emergen-C Acai
garnish with lime wedge

Mo-C-ito Mojito
4 oz. light rum
Splash of soda water
muddled mint
1 Emergen-C Lemon-Lime

8 oz. water
1 Emergen-C Raspberry
1 Emergen-C Lemon Lime
4 frozen raspberries

16 oz. water
2 Emergen-C Tropical
1 Emergen-C Cranberry
Garnish with fresh pineapple slice

1 comment:

Robyn said...

Is he afraid of getting a cold?