Thursday, January 31, 2008


so what do you guys have planned for the weekend? I've got a pretty full one I think. Friday night I'm going to a birthday party for my friend who is turning 40 which is crazy because I remember being here for her 30th birthday, but that one involved lots of tequila and is a very blurry memory... Yowsa, I am old.

Saturday will be spent doing my usual routine of squeezing puppies, doing rescue related errands,attending a Meet and Greet for potential adopters and then probably returning home to squeeze more puppies. I also have to figure out what I'm making for a Superbowl party on Sunday. I've mentioned before, but I don't really cook. Don't get me wrong, though, I can make a mean dip. Even Sam, who doesn't usually allow me within 3 feet of our stove will tell you that I can whip up some really good hummus; however, someone else I know who will probably be attending this same party also makes really good hummus and I don't want it to be like the year when everyone brought 7-layer dip. That year, there were at least 5 different variations on the 7-layer dip and basically nothing else. Color me stupid, but I thought there was just one way to make know, the whole seven layers thing? I was wrong.

Plus, this year, I've recently been using our food processor to make puppy gruel for the last two weeks, so I'm thinking that despite how much I've soaked the processor parts in Palmolive, anything I make is still going to have a purina-tang. (I should probably just go ahead and buy a new processor, huh?)

So yeah, I don't know what I'm making yet. Feel free to suggest.


Suzy said...

I dare you to take a 7-layer puppy gruel dip and see if anyone notices. Paul thinks dog food is kinda tasty...

Robyn said...

Grandparents day at school today
manicures at 3:00
Valentines dance with Casey/Blake tonight
2 basketball games tomorrow morn.
Mardi Gras party tomorrow night
super bowl party sunday
Yep, We're busy!

Anonymous said...

well...remind me to never eat homemade dip of any kind at you're went to Denton, TX to see Carla.:) Court-Dawg