Saturday, February 02, 2008

Have We Met?

Sadness: this is the last Saturday that I'll have all five pups. Two of them are moving on to another foster home next weekend. I don't know which two yet. My usual strategy is to get rid of the ones I like best so that I'm not sucked into their vortex of cuteness, but it'll be a tough decision this time. They all just kill me over here.

So before they go anywhere--here's your last chance to meet the whole group--
I'm not sure if you've been formally introduced...

Bing (the only boy)
likes: hanging out with his lookalike Ginny
dislikes: all those other little bitches

likes: escape plans
dislikes: being made to cuddle

Halo AKA "Great White"
likes: food
dislikes: anything that doesn't involve food

Ivy AKA the quiet one
likes: snurfling
dislikes: having her picture taken


Ginny AKA "minibite"**
likes: chewing on stuff
dislikes: when I make her stop chewing on stuff

**Ginny has an underbite just like her mama, by the way. It will mesmerize you if you get too close, though, so watch out.

So, there you go.

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