Friday, February 22, 2008


Someone asked me if I had heard this story on NPR this morning about the filming of the new movie Hotel for Dogs. In it they describe how there are at least 50 dogs on set of all different breeds and sizes and how they're all so very quiet because they're all so well-trained and the only ones making any noise are two stupid little pomeranians because they aren't trained and isn't just AMAZING how quiet and well-behaved all these dogs are?

Yes, I heard it.

In between batting Micah out of the garage, throwing a tennis ball at Fergus so he would stop howling at the squirrel that dared to sit on top of the fence, picking up puppy poop before they trampled through it (again),and plucking my brand new Clinique lipstick out of Wednesday's mouth.

And then I had to go lie down to avoid making a whiskey drink.

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