Thursday, March 13, 2008


If you haven't yet figured out how I feel pretty strongly about people and corporations that support puppy mills and keep them in business. I'm posting the following announcement about the protest against the opening of a new Petland store in South Austin.Please don't get me wrong, I'm not against the god-given right for people to be able to buy a cute puppy (even though you can find lots of them in rescue too...ahem). But Petland isn't that sweet little Pet Shoppe of yore-- Don't be fooled by their claims of innocence, Petland gets a good portion of their "stock" from Hunt Corporation who are some of the most evil motherf$#ers out there as far as I'm concerned. They should burn in hell for what they do. The needless suffering those dogs go through so someone can make an easy buck--it makes my entire body clench in anger so bad I swear I can't even talk. It...It just shouldn't be allowed on our planet. Period. So, if you're not busy on Sunday... come join me!

here's the official announcement

Petland Protest – Your Support is Needed!
Petland affects us all. Rescue groups will be affected immediately by the influx of 100’s of very young, unaltered, purebred puppies and kittens coming into Austin, reducing the number of pets adopted from rescue groups.

Over the long term, rescue groups will be faced with rescuing these same dogs and cats, and their offspring from the Town Lake Animal Shelter.

Petland is opening soon to our own backyard! We cannot stop them from opening, but we can educate the public on where Petland’s puppies and kittens come from, and why they shouldn’t buy at Petland.

The first Petland protest is scheduled for March 16th and we need your support!

When: March 16th

Time: 12:00-2:00pm

Where: Southpark Meadows shopping center store at 9900 South IH 35, #400

Why: Raise public awareness to Petland’s business practices and the horrors of the puppy mill trade, and the thousands of animals already seeking homes in Austin.

This is only the first of a regular schedule of protests for Petland. We are trying to set up a scheduled protest for every other weekend, and need people committed to coming out once a month. Signs and flyers are also needed.

Contact: Spay Austin Coalition at: (512) 656-6299,, or Austin’s Pet Directory for more information at:

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