Wednesday, March 19, 2008

T minus 48

In just about 48 hours we'll be getting on our plane to Paris--no, I'm not excited or anything. ticktock, ticktock.

I started making a list weeks ago of the foods I wanted to try while we're over there. This list includes, but is not limited to:

baguettes (the real kind)
beoef bourguignon---it's stew, I know, and I hate stew, but can the French do it better?
cafe au lait
coq au vin--I tried making this in a crockpot once. It was, um, not good.
creme brulee
cuisses de grenouilles (frog's legs, sorry Kermie)
escargot--is it wrong that I have convinced myself that escargot are a type of mushroom? so much easier to swallow when you're not thinking "slimy thing that lives in shell," you know?
marons glaces (candied chestnuts)
steak frittes
oh and every unpasteurized stinky cheese I can get my hands on.

not trying the viande chevaline though. Neigh. (heh, sorry)

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Robyn said...

Good luck! Sounds so tasty!