Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Ima have to kill somebody

I have had the weirdest day, like, ever.

I'm in Dallas for a class and right next door to us is a conference room full of 500+ store managers from Ross Dress for Less. Apparently, they like to use party horns in their meetings. At least that's what I heard all day. Party horns and screaming. I went up to my room to get some Advil and I stepped on to the elevator with Jerry Jones (owner of the Dallas Cowboys). Sadly, he did not break out into his Pizza Hut dance. The "free wi-fi" here is apparently not all that free, oh and non-existent so far, so I'm in the Business Center of the Hotel checking emails when the guy next to me starts READING OVER MY SHOULDER. I shit you not. It was nothing important, but he actually started up a conversation, "So, Cocker Spaniels, eh?" I looked at him, got up from my chair and left. Whaaaaat is that? On my way back to my room, this lady in the elevator that I have never seen before in my entire life turns around and asks me to zip up the back of her dress. Seriously. Where am I? Is this hell?


Mel Francis said...

So that stuff is unusual?

Stinkydog said...

for me. Maybe not for other people. As was having to leave our rooms not 10 minutes after that last post b/c the fire alarm was going off. Weird.