Friday, May 16, 2008

Bowled, Over

I'm late on the posting today, but we had a "team building" day at work which in my department can only mean one thing: we went bowling.

My high score was 26. After 3 games. Thing is, once you've hit the 6th or 7th frame and you're at 17pts (total), people start giving you tips, like "Aim for the center arrow!" or "you have to bend your elbows and let loose a little earlier!" And I'm not trying to be ungracious, but I don't really need bowling tips. If I thought it was something I might do more than once a year as a team building activity for work, I might put a little effort into it, but you know: I'm not all that fond of bowling, really. I know, I know-- it's like I'm turning my back on my southern blue-collar roots or something, but it feels good to put that out there. I think bowling kinda sucks. Oh, and I hate moonpies, too. Don't get me started on bass fishing.


Robyn said...

Bowling is never fun without at least a pitcher of beer under your belt. And then it's still not very much fun!

Steph said...

Well I think you just ruined your chance at a future presidential run.

fishdog said...

the only thing worse than the forced bowling outing the sore arm the next day.

well, that and looking like a dork in those shoes.

why do they always so fugly?