Thursday, May 29, 2008


I don't mean to tease, but our boy Huddy has a girlfriend. a gaheerrlfrennd. Normally, he's all antisocial and snarky with the foster dogs if they get too much in his space, utilizing what we affectionately call "bringing out the choppers" (other more objective observers might call it"snarling"), but when he gets around Kyra, the boy is whupped. He actually lets her take toys, from his mouth. I'm pretty sure Duke lost part of his ear trying that one time. I think he admires the fact that she likes to roll around in stinky things (pictured below) and she has a penchant for eating weird things and horfing them up (what could be more attractive, really?)

And then yesterday? She caught a bird and brought it still flapping into my living room. More on my reaction to that later, but when Hudson saw her with that bird, he immediately ran outside and used his claws to scratch Hud and Kiki 4 evah into the tree out back. He is in luv.


Robyn said...

They look cute together!!! I mean if they were together in the picture!!

Allison said...

Ha. Now how can you give her up? I'm having trouble thinking about giving up my two remaining foster kittens next week (okay, actually I have no trouble thinking about getting rid of the black one, but the grey one's pretty cute).