Thursday, May 08, 2008

Yayy Games!

Something new: we're going to play a little game here. (yayy! games!)

Every Thursday, I'm going to give you three random songs from my ipod jogging playlist and you're going to give me three songs I should replace them with... Ok, fine, it's not really a game, it's more of a plea for help because I am so tired of the music I have on my playlist I could cry, but let's pretend it's a game.(yayy! games!)

Anything goes, really--I have an open mind when it comes to musical genres, but just a quick note: please don't suggest anything by My Morning Jacket, Tom Waits or ABBA because a) I already have it and b)IT'S NOT GOOD JOGGING MUSIC.

Want to know what you win? You win my love. That's it. (but it's enough, right?)

Alrightie, here we go, REPLACE THESE SONGS:

1. Burning Love--Elvis Presley
2. No Mercy--The Mother Truckers
3. LDN--Lily Allen

post in the comments or email me. thanks for playing!


Robyn said...

Stayin Alive by the Bee Gees. I have the CD, you can download it when you come visit.

Mel Francis said...

1. Low--Flo Rida (just remember, that song was written for me)
2. Sheep Go To Heaven--Cake
3. Crazy Bitch--Buckcherry (actually, that whole CD is a great exercise CD)

Suzy said...

There are no good jogging songs, in my opinion, because jogging sucks. But if you want plain ol' good music, here ya go:

1. What's Going On -- Marvin Gaye

2. People Get Ready -- The Impressions

3. Wild Mountain Thyme -- The Byrds

Kate S said...

I know it's old but I love Krytonite by 3 Doors and for the perfect cool down song..Jordin Sparks-How to breathe...

angie said...

Freedom by George Michael
Let's Go Crazy by Prince
Pretty In Pink by the Psychedelic Furs

Stinkydog said...

Ha! Angie, I already have 2 of the 3. Go figure. Ok, I'm going to be checking iTunes for all of these. Yall can blame Mel if Flo Rida makes it.

Mel Francis said...

Flo Rida should make it. And then you can think of me all the time. :) What would be better than that?

Michael said...

You Got Yr. Cherry Bomb- Spoon
Walcott- Vampire Weekend
Supernatural Superserious- REM

Lily Allen. Ugh. I had her in my running mix for a long time, then suddenly she needed to JUST GO AWAY.

Oh, I'm here via Freakgirl. Hai.

Aaron L. said...

I say give the alterno-pop "revival" (did it ever exist before?) in Germany a try. Yes, music can be good in German. Three for jogging:

1. Von Hier on Blind -- Wir Sind Helden

2. New York -- Tomte

3. Ein Kompliment -- Sportfreunde Stiller