Monday, June 30, 2008

Call of the Wild

we've discovered what makes these puppies different from the other litters of puppies we have raised (aside from the fact that they're four times as big) is that when they are not happy, they will tilt their little heads back and howl like a coyote at the full moon. One might think this is cute, provided it is not at 3am and you have several feet of insulation to block out the keening. Otherwise, you will spend most of your time swaddling them in soft blankies and feeding them bon bons because THAT SOUND IS REALLY ANNOYING.


Allison said...

Luckily, they're still cute. Even I, the anti-noise nazi, think that the howling sounds cute. (You know, since I don't have to listen to it.)

Mel Francis said...

oh shit they are so cute! I love that howling pose.

Not a good way to get people to volunteer to take them, though. You might wanna rethink your sales pitch.

angie said...

It can't be worse than the PaddyHowl, can it?

Did I tell you that I pretty much cured him with one of those collars that sprays citronella up his nose when he barks or howls?

Gotta love the doggadgets.