Monday, June 16, 2008


I got emailed this a couple of times today by folks who said, "sure hope you're not missing one!" and all I can say is, yeah, I hope not either because if we are (missing one) then that part about the turkey buzzards is not going to go over well.

from Craigslist..

Found small dog - deceased/dead

Reply to: ***********************
Date: 2008-06-16, 1:39PM

I saw a small dog that appeared to be white and yellow (large solid patches of color) with a coat like a cocker spaniel. Probably weighed about 20lbs. The turkey buzzards were just getting to it. I wanted to post this in case someone is looking for their lost dog. I searched the LOST postings, but luckily don't see anyone looking for this dog's description.
Dog was in the drainage ditch in front of a home on the west side Immanuel Drive between Crystal Bend and Killingsworth.

* Location: pflugerville


I know they meant well, but seriously?? This is helpful?

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