Tuesday, June 17, 2008

South Austin Business Gossip

So, this will be less interesting if you don't live anywhere near me, but just fyi, "they" are going to make the old Hobby Lobby on the corner of William Cannon and Manchaca into a Sunflower Market (a discount organic store). They probably won't make a dent in the Central Market market share, but whatever, they're probably going to be a closer option for wine than the Chevron around the corner and for that we are grateful.

I've also heard they're going to put in a Juan's Mexicali Grill in the old Trudy's South Star building (we have not yet forgiven Trudy's for moving to their new, more stupid location), which, ugh. Juan's Mexicali is gross. I hope it isn't true.


Steph said...

There is a sign on the old Trudy's building that says it is going to be a Texican Cafe.

I, too, am pissed off that Trudy's has moved away, but as long as they have the best hamburgers in the world and, oh Jesus, those fried avocado things, I can't stay angry.

Allison said...

Hey! I do live near you! You aren't my neighbor with all the barking dogs, are you? Just kidding. Sort of.

Stinkydog said...

"texican"? hmmph. ok they get one shot. I was hoping for a Magnolia Cafe, though.

Allison--our dogs are actually suspiciously quiet most of the time. This is so they can get the drop on the meter man.

Allison said...

The new south Trudy's is actually closer to me, but sadly lacking in ambience. How can you build a restaurant in Austin with no patio? I guess when it would look out over I-35, that's a wise decision.