Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Slupurita Pomegranate

Ok, admittedly, the names that 7-11 comes up with for their slurpees are strangely off-putting for the amount of marketing research they must surely do, but when they're as yummy as the Slurpurita Pomegranate, I can deal. I plan on having one of these every single day that it is over 100 degrees, which by the way, has been something like the past 2 and half weeks straight already. If ONE MORE newscaster starts off the weather by saying, "well Bob, it isn't OFFICIALLY SUMMER yet..." I will scream, probably spitting Slupurita Pomegranate while I'm doing it, too. Yummy...slurpurita.

You can find out if your local 7-11 has it by clicking here (if you can get the map to work). oh and added bonus, if you add rangpur gin, you're perilously close to a passable Rickshaw (don't tell Sam I said that though).

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Kate S said...

Hey don't get burnt out b4 I get down there-it's sounds pretty good