Wednesday, June 18, 2008


First off a little background: I was only looking because three women at work told me it was the BEST INVENTION OF ALL TIME, but before you click here, be forewarned that there is audio and also, I don't need to see shavings. Ever. so look away if you click. just know that these things exist. Furthermore, apparently, I don't speak good English.

Me: Excuse me, do you sell Ped Eggs here?

Saleslady: Pednecks?

Me: No, PED. EGG.

Saleslady: Picnic?

Me: PED. EGG. It's something you use for pedicures. FOR YOUR FEET.

Saleslady: You want pigfeet for your picnic?

Me: I have to go now.


Allison said...

They sell them at Walgreen's! I've seen it on their electronic billboard thing when I drive by.

Suzy said...


Yeah, my mom gave me one for mother's day. It works, but I would never, ever sit on a couch with friends and use it openly. It's not something you take to book club, mmkay?