Thursday, June 19, 2008

I offered Sam the chance to do my blogging for the day as he was stuck in my office with me after his doctor's appointment this afternoon and I've been too busy to do anything, but actual work. He turned me down. So, that's why you get no love.

But hey wait, isn't it Thursday? Aren't we supposed to be giving me some new songs?

Let's see what we can do in lieu of these..

Hello Operator--White Stripes (I love this song, I may have to keep it)
I want you Back--Jackson 5
Cycling is Fun--Shonen Knife


Mel Francis said...

(this is from fishdog)

real love by american princes
a great band from nyc by way of little rock. you can pick up what they're puttin down... we've all been there, ya know?

naked and red by colour revolt
i love the groove with this cut. the band's from oxford and really turn it out

suyt - hey you
kickass mashup of skee-lo's "i wish" and some les rythmes digital. if this don't get ya wigglin it, yore jus daid. hell yeah!

Stinkydog said...

thanks yall! I'll go check 'em out.

Robyn said...

Brace yourself. It's not the Bee Gees. Try 'MERCY" by Duffy. I honestly think you will like it.