Monday, June 09, 2008

'morning--did yall have a nice weekend? Mine seemed about two days too short, but I'll live. Sam is still laid up. He can move about 10 feet in any direction on the crutches but anything past that is not really do-able yet. This means I've been in charge of all cooking and feeding for the last week and hoo boy--Once we got past my signature shells and cheese with hotdogs, it's been downhill from there. I'm trying to talk him into renting one of those little sitdown scooter things so he can both go to the grocery store and be able to cook, but so far no go. Sigh.

Obviously, we have been giving the TV a good workout--we've just about blown through all 287 Good Eats and A Cook's Tours that Sam had recorded. Now we've gotten involved with The Next Food Network Star, a competition reality show which seems like it would be boring except for the fact that the contestants are almost universally unlikeable and annoying and watching it, you simply cannot fathom how they're going to prop up any of these nitwits with enough production values to make them last more than five minutes before you feel the need to rip out your eyebrows.

Oh and speaking of eyebrows... there's this one chick? Who really needs to reconsider hers and also her's a little Vulanesque. Witness:

The other highly entertaining portion of the show is when they bring in guest judges for the challenges, usually well-known Food Network folks like Giada DeLaurentis or Alton Brown who can barely even pretend to try and like these people. If you've got cable and a few minutes to spare, you should give it at least one viewing, it'll crack you up.

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