Thursday, June 05, 2008

Photo Share

alright already, I have the pictures from my trip home last weekend. Just a couple of quick explanation-type things before you click:

**the actual party was for my nephew's graduation (hence the "Congratulations Paul" cake. He's cute and his girlfriend is too. We didn't embarrass him.. much.

**we were in a funny faces picture-taking mode for a good portion of this--and that was even before very much tequila was consumed.

** yes, margaritas were involved, but there were other, more sober adults there who merely snorted a few shots of Jack Daniels (I'm kidding, don't call CPS).

**no, you will not see any more boob pictures. Unless, of course you want to send $2.99 with a self-addressed stamped envelope...

**my dad has NO HAIR ON HIS LEGS. Seriously, doesn't that freak you out?

**my mom wears socks with Crocs. We're not sure which is worse.

**my sister is a big hugger when she's shitcanned. She also doesn't mind if you feel her up, ladies.

**if you spill a drink, Melissa will slurp it up off the desk. She's handy like that.

Finally, yes, I may have edited (heavily), but you'll note I left one particularly flattering one in. Yeah, that's the one.

okie, go see.


Robyn said...

Missing: pictures of Kate hugging the toilet

Mel Francis said...

obviously your photoshopping skills did not include doing my roots for me... (says she who just returned from the hairdresser...)

Kate S said...

note:none of the boobie pictures belong to the toilet loving Kate