Thursday, June 12, 2008

send me songs Thursday

...aaaannnnd we're back to replacing songs from my ipod jogging list. I should probably point out that I am not actually getting rid of the old songs. I like them still, though I could stand to go for a month (or twenty) without hearing them. I just need some new ones to keep things fresh. Today we are taking these off:

The Tide is High--Blondie
Knights of Cydonia-Muse (shut up, I don't want to hear it)
I don't feel like dancing--Scissor Sisters

and we're replacing them with??


Robyn said...

I'm fresh out of suggestions since you don't like the bee gees!

Stinkydog said...

you have more music than just the beegees... In fact, I don't recall even seeing the beegees on your pod.what's up with that?

Suzy said...

Queens of the Stone Age -- Long Slow Goodbye (Paul's new favorite song)

Ladysmith Black Mambazo -- Rain Rain Beautiful Rain (Paul's other new favorite song)

Robyn said...

bee gees are on my mp3, which still works. I take it when I want a mixup of radio and itunes.

Steph said...

Have you tried The Cat Empire? Especially the song Hello.

Stinkydog said...

thanks steph! I had not heard of them before, but I'm really liking them.