Friday, August 15, 2008

Friday Lament

More than one person has asked me which was worse to give up: Coffee or Wine? And I can tell you, by FAR, it was coffee. I almost cried daily for a week giving up the coffee and I still have to let myself have tea. Sometimes in the mornings at work, I hang out by the coffee machine just so I can catch a whiff of it and reminisce about old times..

Wine, well...heh heh.. I haven't exactly given it up. Not entirely. I have a small glass every other week or so. It's craaayyyzee, I know (waving jazz hands). So when my child comes out clutching corkscrew in one hand and holding a Reidel glass in the other, you'll know what that's about.

What's really killing me, if you want to know... I miss beer. I really, really do. What I wouldn't do for a nice crisp ice-cold Sierra Nevada right now... or ooohhh! Pilsner Urquel. *sigh*

I hope you enjoy your fully developed fingers and toes, kid.


Robyn said...

The thought of the "near beers" always repulsed me. But I'm tellin ya that EXCALIBER tastes soooo good. It's made by Guiness. You ought to try it.

Older not wiser said...

It's only a couple of months-think of it as an extended period of Lent.