Wednesday, September 24, 2008

good lord, Wednesday just whizzed by, didn't it? I don't know about you, but I was super-busy all day. Thursday is not going to be much better for me and this Friday I'll be traveling to Little Rock for my dad's wedding this weekend. I've HEARD there's going to be linedancing y'all. hee! Anyway, so my point is... posting might be light for the next few days. But I swear, if I can get video of the hoe-down, you will be the first to see it and trust me, it should not be missed.

In the meantime, I am needing to download some travel tunes. I know, I haven't asked for iTunes suggestions in a long time, but I've finally gone through all 27 This American Lifes I had on file and most of the Selected Shorts and as much as I do love Lil Jackie, I don't think I should listen to that song anymore.

So, set me up with some suggestions, ok? thanks!


Mel Francis said...

Joshua Radin

I'm really digging him.

Anonymous said...

new Robin Thicke is AWESOME!!!CES

Steph said...

Acid House Kings - free downloads at

Also, for podcasts, The Moth and Radio Lab.