Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Jezebel has compiled a list of 75 Books That Every Woman Should Read. I should probably be more concerned that I haven't read more than 16 of these, but at least two of them, I really didn't like much (Possession, cough cough, Liar's Club cough). Maybe I'll get on reading the rest of the list...maybe not?


Older not wiser said...

Who is this person? Can't say that I agree with her on any.

Mel Francis said...


I did like all 5, I think. LOL

strangely enough I'm for sure 7/75 of the men's books and I'm pretty sure I read 4 others on the men's list as an assignment.


Suzy said...

Only 8 of 75 here. I would not say any woman *should* read The Red Tent and Three Junes and The Shipping News, but I thought they were really good.