Friday, September 05, 2008

so, fun plans for the weekend? I'm thinking I'm going to try re-caulking our bathroom. I know, contain yourself. Also, one of the puppies is getting adopted, so we'll now be at an all-time low for the year on dogs (just 7). Hopefully working our way down to "just" our four before too long. I've been fighting the urge to just get a pressure washer and hose down our walls this week, it's getting doggy in there. We've just been too busy or too lazy to clean lately and it's catching up with me. Not that I'm going to do anything about it right now or anything, mind you, just letting you know that sometimes I'm aware of it.

I am also going to be emptying my closet of all the non-maternity clothes because I've spent 3 of the last 4 mornings trying on clothes that don't fit without employing some sort of...RIGGING. The belly, she grows. I'm not going to get all freaked out about that because I figure, you know, extra human in there and all. I'm just tired of having to try on seven outfits before I can find something to wear that's not a muumuu. Sam thinks I should just go buy a bunch of coveralls, like what mechanics or janitors wear--in various colors. And honestly, I've got to say: I'm not 100% against this idea. They're looking a little comfy to me right now. Maybe I could get a name patch even?


Robyn said...

Coveralls is maternity look more like a tent. No joke. I had an out fit I thought was adorable that was 'coveralls' in a sense. BIG NO NO!

Suzy said...

Not the coveralls! Please! You need a trip to the maternity store, girlie. I know some cheap(er) ones.