Tuesday, October 14, 2008

jesus god i am so sleepy today. I went to bed fairly early last night because I thought I was coming down with a cold and ended up with the crappiest night of (non)sleep I've had in a while. I used to think we needed to upgrade to a king-sized bed so I could stop waking up with a dog's butt on one side of my head and the paws from another dog sticking in my ear. But now, even with the reduced amount of dog butt, I still don't have enough room. For one thing, Sam is large. Even though he's not much of a bed hog, sometimes, he'll just start shifting into a horizontal pattern and end up with the sharp joints of one of his 4 foot long arms sticking right into the middle of my back. Like last night when I wake up with a sharp pain below my shoulder blades and Mr. Elbows McBoneysons nustled up there. It's not all him, though, I know that. It doesn't help at all that with the extra bulk in my tum I end up shifting from side to side so often it's like I'm flipping pancakes on my hips, pillows flying everywhere. Even Flo has stopped trying to sleep on the bed with me. She's all, "damn, lady, let's take some Unisom, shall we?" And NO, I still have not bought the Snoogle. I am breaking down, though. It will be mine soon.

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Anonymous said...

Mr. Elbows McBoneysons...Good One!! and Dude, Of Course you need a california king upgrade straightaway!! Court-Dawg