Monday, October 13, 2008

So did you guys have a nice weekend? I did, although it was very busy. I survived my very first ever all-sober Pizza Oven Party. Usually, I'm sipping wine all day long like everyone else, but being unable to have much more than a glass this time, I was able to really see what these things are like in the, oh 14th hour or so. For example, people will make pizzas for 9 hours straight, if you a) make enough dough (Sam did) and b.) you let them; however, if you also provide a KEG, at some point, one of these folks is going to think that putting Elgin sausage,asparagus, proscuitto and brie cheese on THE SAME PIZZA is going to be really tasty and let me tell you, Sir? It isn't. Not really. Nope.

I was also able to do a little policing over what kinds of "treats" made it from well-meaning guests' hands into our dogs' greedy little mouths, but even so, I still woke up this morning not from my alarm, but from the sounds emitting from Flo's stomach.

Another Pizza Party up in smoke. I'll take some pix next time.

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