Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Gift Giving for Stinkies

Doy--I'm sorry, I meant to come out wiht my Stinkyguide to Stinkygifts right after Thanksgiving, but I..um, forgot. Anyway, here is a truncated list of some cool gifts for your loved ones this season. You can buy them for ME if you don't have anyone else in mind.. heh.

Joan Holloway Paper Dolls $12-16 Don't know who Joan Holloway is?? Ok, go watch some Mad Men then come back and see me.

Custom Scrabble Tile Pendants by Miss Snappy $20 for a set of 4 These are supercute and customizable! I think I might order one that says "Nerd".

Pets Eye View Camera $50.00. It's a tiny camera! that clips on to your dog's collar!! OK, it's fifty bucks. And it's probably questionable that I need to really see that much close up of the poop eating and or when Fergus knocks the crap out of himself when he runs into the fence chasing squirrels, but OMG! it's a tiny camera! that clips on to your dog's collar! How fun is that??

Emergency Yodel Button $13

I just..have a feeling I'm going to need it someday.

Clouds in a Mirror Print by Matt Schwartz Personalizable! $65 You may have seen some of Matt's other prints in our living room. And also, our wedding pix.

now go forth and shop!

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