Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I grew up in Little Rock where the prevailing attitude about the weather is the old "If you don't like it, wait an hour and it will change" and I know that's pretty true. Certainly more so than here in Austin where the weather is more classified as HOT, Really f&(*ing HOT, or under 70 degrees, i.e. "Winter". But dude, in Little Rock, it never does this crap that Austin weather pulled yesterday.

When I went to lunch yesterday, it was 81 degrees. EIGHTY-ONE. In December. I was sweating and turned the AC on in my car because I had a light sweater on. Last night, less than twelve hours later, it snowed. Ridiculous. A little warning, perhaps, would've been nice. At least a chance for my immune system to catch up. *sneeze*

image from Austin American Statesman


Mel Francis said...

Yup, that's little rock weather. I guess Mother Nature was trying to make sure Austin felt like 'home' to you.

Suzy said...

I know, right!!!? I was totally caught offguard this morning. And what was with the lightening last night?? Weird sh*&, man.