Monday, December 01, 2008


goooood morning, giblets. Did you guys have a nice holiday? Ours was a-ight. it would be a lot better if we were just done with all this remodelling schtuff. This morning they are pouring muriatic acid on the floors, so that means that all of us have to be out of the house. Apparently, muriatic acid=not good for baby growing. Also, the dogs have to be out too. So, I am boarding them tonight, but when I took them to drop off this morning, the boarding place was still full from the weekend. They asked if I could come back at lunchtime after they've had some time to clear some kennel space. SO, since the dogs and I can't go home, we're all here at work with me. Well, I'm here at work. They're down in my car, all five of them, hanging out. I left them with some chewies and some soothing music, but I'm still a little worried that I'm going to go downstairs in an hour and not have any upholstery on my seats left.

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