Monday, January 05, 2009

Round One

so, my sister and her pack of wild banshees family left yesterday ending round one of the family visits that continue through this weekend. We had a lot of fun though I am hard-pressed to tell you what we actually did besides eat (and eat) and play wii and eat. Oh and take horrible pictures. I also tried to rip my sisters nose off at one point but only because she was harassing me. She gets downright on'ry when she's had a few and it doesn't even matter if you're pregnant, you're just not safe. Anyway, I'm only sharing the least horrible of the pictures here, I'm sure she'll have a few, though I've told her to be generous with the delete button. Below you have Sam vanquishing the last of the meat platter at Salt Lick's Family Style Lunch and me trying to make it seem like his belly is approaching the magnitude of mine (when it clearly isn't), but only because he had told me that my shirt made me look like a walking peppermint ball*

click on picture to see larger version

*and ok, maybe it did, but no one told me that before we left the house. jerks.

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Robyn said...

I did not see the resemblence of you and a peppermint until your lovely husband pointed it out. And what wild what? I thought the behaved better than I did! LOL!