Monday, February 02, 2009


bleargh. Oh man, you guys. Just keep your fingers and colon crossed that you do NOT get the stomach bug that is going around. Sam had it last week and I really thought I was in the clear, but Saturday night I started not feeling so hot and...well, let's just say that there hasn't really been any food ingested in the last 48 hours that hasn't been violently rejected by my body. I think the only reason I'm not in a fetal position on the couch right now is because I haven't eaten anything yet today. The baby does not find this whole adventure particularly fun either. He has moved entirely over to one side, to the point where if you are looking at me straight on, you sort of get that picture effect you might get right before your TV starts going completely wonky. I had to call the on-call nurse yesterday just to make sure I wasn't supposed to go in--because you know, not knowing what contractions feel like, I'm afraid I'll confuse them with stomach cramps and those have been APLENTY, let me tell ya. I already had an appointment scheduled for today, so she said it was fine to wait til this morning to come in "unless your water breaks." Um, thanks for the tip. Really helpful, that one.

anyway, I'll keep you updated, hopefull this will all end soon and we can go back to our normally scheduled aches and pains.

**update** nothing to look at here folks, I didn't even get examined to see if I'm anywhere near labor because, as my doctor so nicely put it, "you already feel crappy, no sense in making you feel worse". So, I just got a prescription for some stuff that is supposed to make all this nastiness go away. Now I just have to wait on the HEB pharmacy to fill it so I can go take this stuff and sleep for the next 12-14hours.

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