Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Good MORNING chickens! I'm feeling much perkier today. Less vomity. More like I'm not going to run to the bathroom and accidentally give birth because I ate a plain cracker. The doctor had given me this medicine that she says was anti-nausea stuff, but I think it's more of the "Knock Your Ass Out Until You Feel Better" kind. All I'm saying is that the warning labels might have been a little too blase.. as in, I didn't have blurred vision. I did, however, have to get up in the middle of the night to go potty and got lost on the way back to my bed by standing in the tub for a few minutes. Could NOT figure out where my pillow was til I realized I was looking at the faucet. Yep, good stuff.

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Anonymous said...

I am LAUGHING MY ASS OFF!!! REALLY??? You stood in the tub?!? ha ha ha sooo funny...i have a great visual!