Friday, February 13, 2009

#*$@(*ing 9mths Rabble Scrabble..

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WARNING: Disturbing Image Ahead. Avert Your Eyes!

Would you guys like to see why you're glad you're not ME right now? (I mean, other than the obvious reasons). if you were 9mths pregnant right now, you might have ankles that look like THIS. And hey, no, that's not elephantiasis you're looking at. That's PREGNANCY ANKLES at the end of a long day. Imagine sitting at your desk and thinking to yourself, "Huh. That's weird, My shoes feel tight. I wonder why my shoes feel tight?" and then looking down and seeing THIS????

Show of hands, how many of you think I called the doctor and said, "OH MY GOD I THINK I JUST DEVELOPED ELEPHANTIASIS." ??? Hmm, well, you'd be right. And if you think they laughed at me, good for you, YOU are also correct.

I'm sorry, I'm not trying to gross any of you out. I just want you to feel my pain. Also, 15 years from now if this kid is giving me any trouble, I'd like for one of you to show him this and explain to him how much my ankles went through to bring him into this world.


Allison said...

you won't believe how quickly your ankle bones will come back. no, really. I promise.

Robyn said...

Did you send this picture to your doctor? I'm pretty sure she will want to induce on Monday if you had.