Monday, February 23, 2009

Munday is Funday

yall, sorry I've been lax about posting. It seems like things got all of a sudden busier than normal. Sam wanted to have one last Pizza Party before the Nugg arrives, so we did that yesterday. I was hoping to get lots of good pix, but sadly, my camera sucks. I'm stealing one from Brian who managed to capture a little bit of flame shooting out during Re-Firing Phase One. I don't know what the dealio was but yesterday the oven didn't seem to be holding temps very well. Usually we fire it up one big time and it's good for at least 15 pizzas before we have to re-fire again. I think last night we ended up having to re-fire two or three times at least. I would blame it on being tended by Drunk People. But, dude, that's par for the course. That thing doesn't know what it's like to be tended by a sober person. So, who knows.

The other thing keeping me busy is a little sumpin sumpin I like to call Kidd the Obnoxious Puppy. I know, he doesn't look that bad, does he? He actually just came in today, but I can already tell that he is going to need a Major Attitude Adjustment. The only question is, how long it will take him to swallow his bitter pill of Stop Being A Pain in Lee's Ass. It's not his fault, so I'm holding out hope that this difficult part only lasts a night or so. It just really irritates me when people manage to screw up puppies--it's so easy to avoid! Luckily, he's young enough that I think I can reverse it. He's got 10 days with us, so, we'll see.

oh and yeah, 10 days! Another ultrasound today. Little Turdlet is still sitting like a buddha in exactly the wrong position. Acupuncture no workie. Sigh. But... 10 days!

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