Monday, March 02, 2009


Now that things are seriously getting down to the wire, we're having our series of "lasts" over here. You know: Last Chance to Do Absolutely Nothing on a Sunday, Last Meal in a Restaurant Without Having to Find Someplace to Change a Diaper, Last Time To Be Able to Scream, "USE YOUR TURN SIGNAL, F*@KNUTS" in the Car Without Feeling Guilty, Last Nights of Uninterrupted Sleep (well, actually, that one went out the window around month Seven for me, but whatever). And no, it hasn't sunk in, not really. We were at the docs office this morning and they were going through our schedule for Thursday and on the way out, she let us know that we're also on "standby" with the hospital just in case any openings come up and they can fit us in early because they're not entirely sure I'll make it til Thursday (she's gonna blow!) We're definitely excited and everything is technically "ready" but I don't feel particularly prepared. I mean, I know it's all going to happen whether I'm prepared or not, but this is a little like the sensation you get when you're mid-air above the water and HOLY SHIT it didn't look like that far of a drop when you jumped..

I'm just keeping my fingers crossed for an easy landing.


Allison said...

just gotta close your eyes and jump. you will never feel totally ready. even after you have this kid. I still have moments where I look around to see where the grown-ups are.

hillary said...

i'm ready to jump in when you need me! i'm counting down the hours til i get to babysit, if you can let him go for a few hours!

Steph said...

Good luck! It's 10 times harder than you think, but a million times more fun. I would love to bring a meal over for you guys sometime next week - free dinners were the best present I got after Saul was born. Email me if you're interested at scbarlowscott at gmail.