Monday, March 09, 2009

Nursing and other Calamities

so, yeaaaahhh. Remember how yesterday I was all excited about going home and hoooo boy does it suck in the hospital?? yeah. We're still here Monday morning. Both Hopper and I. He lost a wee bit more weight than he was supposed to and we're patiently waiting for my dairy to come in, so til he porks up a little faster or the Boob Milk Fairy arrives, we're stuck here in the land of runny scrambled eggs and chicken noodle soup that tastes like they literally just squeezed a chicken til soup came out.

I'm planning a breakout for noon, though. I've seen the day nurse. She's tiny. I can take her.

Here's another Hopper pic stolen from Aunt Robbie in the meantime.

UPDATE: We tried to make a break for it, but there were three of THEM and only two of us and Hop isn't as fast as you might think. We're now here til Tuesday.


Allison said...

Hope you escape today! Good luck.

Robyn said...

Bummer! Have you located the fire escape yet? That might be another option!

EMQ said...

He's totally awesome! We'll have to come by once y'all get settled in at home and have a baby party.

Stinkydog said...

Elizabeth--definitely--I think he's ready to meet some chicks (other than me).