Tuesday, June 09, 2009


The babies are still hanging in there. They're receiving daytime care at the vet's office each day and every night I pick them up and keep them in the bathroom so I can check on them every couple of hours. I had them both on IV drips last night--MJ felt good enough this morning to howl from her crate for about an hour. Considering she hasn't howled since Friday, this was an achievement. :) I was so happy to hear her little yammering...til it lasted for 20 minutes and then then I thought--OK you can hush up now, little girl, aren't you sick? It's 4am for crissakes.

Tubs had been feeling bad enough last night that he was just curled up in a little ball, so I had him in a laundry basket. Turns out he started feeling good enough to climb out of it and remove his IV tube sometime between 2 and 6 this morning. And he lifted his head and tried to stand when I came in there this morning. This, too, was a big hurdle for him--he hasn't been doing much of anything besides lying in a fetal position for several days now.. I really feel like MJ is probably out of the woods--I hope I'm not jinxing her by saying that, but she's definitely got a strong spirit--she is PISSED about having to be crated and IV'ed and is just ready to be done with it all. Tubs--he's still iffy, but I can see some improvement--he doesn't look like he's about to die on me any second anymore. I'm starting to feel a little less dread about going to check up on them, as opposed to the last couple of days where I would have to stop before entering the room and repeat over and over "please don't be dead, please don't be dead.."

Neither one of them has had anything to eat since Saturday, so they look like little skeleton babies--every bone is sticking out, it's pitiful to see them wobble and try to stand on their little stick legs. But I am so amazed at the amount of fight they have in them. I will be crushed if they don't make it.


Allison said...

Ugh--hang in there. I've been there with the "I don't want to go in this room and find something cute, fluffy, and not alive."

I know that you are doing everything you can.

Mel Francis said...

I'm rooting for them. You're stronger than I am, I'd be a big bucket of tears all day every day.