Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Today I am officially in the ANGER phase of my grief about this Parvo debacle. Angry that we're on day Five and they're still not better. Angry that this disease has to pick the youngest/most innocent--what did they ever do to you, Parvo, huh? Look too cute? Blow too much puppy breath in your face? I'm the one who has 5 sets of sandals with teethmarks. I'm angry that what little sleep I was getting with a three month old baby is interrupted by constantly checking on IV tubes and giving dextrose injections just to make sure they make it through the night. I'm angry that my bathroom is covered in sick puppy filth and every time I clean it someone horks up again. I'm angry that I walk around in a constant state of worry that one of my own dogs is going to get this. Angry that the skin on my hands is cracking because I wash them with hot water every thirty minutes. I am so incredibly pissed off that this nasty horribleness has invaded my house. You SUCK, Parvo. GO AWAY.

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