Friday, July 17, 2009

Where the clinically insane shop

(click on image to make larger)

For the low, low price of NINETY NINE DOLLARS, you too can be the owner of this lovely garment. meow! Plus, if you're feeling extra frisky (heh), you can get the EIGHTY DOLLAR Care Bear tote to go with it. I smell Christmas presseennnntttss.*

*mom, this is for you: do NOT actually buy this for anyone. I really liked that cat shaped wine rack you got me that one time years ago, but ON RECORD, I don't really want this jacket. Don't buy it for me. Buy it for yourself if you want, but don't buy it for me...On second thought, DON'T buy it for yourself either. Why don't you find a nice beanie hat with purple ferrets on it? I would wear that, at least on Christmas and special holidays... but don't go looking for one. As a matter of fact, let's just pretend this whole Bradford Exchange place doesn't exist. Moving right along.

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