Monday, August 31, 2009

Bathtime with Hopper. He likes hanging out in the tub, like it's his own personal jacuzzi...albeit one he inevitably pees in on a regular basis. Urine! It's sterile! (that's one of those things doctors like to tell parents of baby boys over and over again.. you know why? because they pee on you a lot. To be fair, they pee on themselves a lot, too... ok, moving on).

Hopper is also at that phase where everything goes into his mouth, regardless of whether it tastes like Boudreaux's Butt Wash or not.

Lastly, baby bottoms are funny.

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Juliet said...

Picture # 1: Hopper at the beginning of the party. "C'mon in, honey, the water's nice!"

Picture # 2: "I mighta had one too many, but dang if this here wet washcloth doesn't taste like pork rinds. Mmmmmm....

Picture # 3: After DEFINITELY having one too many..."WOO hoo!!! I am NEKKID!! Woo hoooo!"

What a party stud.