Wednesday, August 26, 2009

So, if you're around Austin this Sunday, it's time for the Hot Sauce Festival. Sam is going to be a judge once again which means that, unlike the rest of us peons, he gets to go to a nearby offsite, indoor location to taste all the goodies. So once again, unless they decide to postpone it til February, I will not be attending. Having the Hot Sauce Festival during the hottest time of the year, where it will literally be, like 115 degrees in some of these tents, is just one of those things that people here laugh and say "hey, we're in Austin! look at us, we're keepin' it weird! heat stroke AND food poisoning, can't get any weirder than that! heh heh" and while I both love hot sauce AND recognize your right to "keep it weird," I'm going to be "keepin' it air-conditioned," thanks.

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