Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Yall must think that I believe I can just post a cute baby picture and then just ride that for several days and not even bother posting anything. psssh. yeah, actually I do. Did you SEE that kid? With the tatts??? Kills me.Funny story: I took these in to my office on Monday and, honest to god, not even kidding, had to explain to someone that they were just temporary tattoos that come off with rubbing alcohol. Seriously? You think I would, even if some maniac would actually permanently ink a 6mth old? C'mon. We're going to wait til he's least.


Robyn said...

you do live in Austin where they keep it weird so I'm not surprised at least one person asked!!

Juliet said...

When Hop's two, you could have "The Dude" tattooed on him somewhere.

Or not.

Older not wiser said...

I wonder how many people actually blew up the picture to see the tattoo close up-"Mom"-priceless!