Friday, August 14, 2009


So, you might have heard that Michael Vick got signed to the Philadelphia Eagles for a one-year $6.8 million deal. When I heard that this morning, I had to physically remove my eyeballs from the back of my head I rolled them so hard. Part of me is angry that this asshat gets to make this kind of money while other, nondog-torturing atheletes don't, but part of me is also glad that as long as his *#$head name is in people's mouths, we are constantly reminded of how >$*#ing evil dog fighting is. I suspect that's why the Humane Society decided to reach out to Vick after he was released, having him talk about why dog fighting is bad in at-risk communities..though it remains to be seen whether that was just a ploy on Vick's part. I still think he's an ass, but maybe something good can come out. People can change, right?

update--fixed article--tinyurl is crazy today


Suzy said...

That's a fascinating article in the Guardian about the lesbian dressing as a man. Are you suggesting Vick is a lesbian in drag?

Stinkydog said...

doh! yeah, I don't know why tinyurl did that, I just posted the original url

Robyn said...

umm, my point is that the asshat now has that much more money to cover up what he's doing and buy more innocent animals to torture. i now boycott the Eagles and anything to do with him. Sure, forgive him but he won't stop. He like the abusive husband, says he will but doesn't and now has more resources than ever to fill his sick little dreams. He won't stop. However, the article was a nice change.