Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Hey yall, I'm better now, thanks. (after I boiled my clothes and took a long hot shower). So, with all the poo talk, I didn't get a chance to tell you how my sister's birthday party went. Well, kinda like this:

yeah, I'd venture to say she had a pretty good time. She only fell five times and that 3rd time was only because she was trying to do that thing Beyonce does in Single Ladies. Damned gravity and it's denying ways. Oh don't worry, Hop was only there for a little bit. He missed the part when all of them were "singing" POOOOOR SOME SUGAR ON MEEEEHH! Besides, he was a little distracted by the balloons.

So anyway, lots and lots of pictures of people dancing that all mostly look like this

ooohhh! and the cake! it was pretty cute, though, I must say, not as tasty as one of Hillary's.The cake itself was yum, but the icing was like sugar hell.

So anyway, it was a good time, even if Auntie Robbie needed a cheezeburger for breakfast the next morning..

And if, by chance, you're wondering what my plans are for MY 40th..which, seriously guys, that's like 10 years away (ok, two), but if you really want to know: I plan to be out of the country and away from you and your cameras. can't imagine why.

happy b-day Robyn, now get back to work.


Mel Francis said...

gee...do you think we had fun?

Robyn said...

yes indeed!!